AR Single Magazine 30 Round Pouch (Closed Top) GRIDLOK

AR Single Pouch (Closed Top) GRIDLOK

The AR single pouch holds one 30 round 5.56mm magazine. Supports the classic aluminum NATO mag or Magpul® Pmag’s® It is 100% laser cut pouch with GRIDLOK attachment technology (molle compatible). Strong 2” woven elastic band ensures a snug fit. The mag flap does 3 things; acts as the primary way to secure the magazine into the pouch, helps with signature management by covering the magazine, and also provides a laser cut pull tab to facilitate access to the magazine.

This pouch is a new piece of military kit that everyone should own. Laser cut drain hole at the bottom. Berry Compliant, Made in the USA,


  • 100% laser cut

  • GRIDLOK attachment technology (molle compatible)

  • Holds 1 magazine

  • Fits any type of 30 round 5.56mm magazine

  • Laser cut drain hole and pull tab

  • Strong 2” woven elastic retention band

  • Mounts vertically

AR Single Magazine 30 Round Pouch (Closed Top) GRIDLOK
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  • Item #: APAR00M
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