The Beez Combat Systems APTUM™ T BAG was designed to increase additional carrying capacity for the wearer. The interior of the APTUM™ T BAG consists of eternal elastic management allowing the wearer to store medical supplies, munitions or anything else needed for the real world operation or training scenario at hand. The T BAG works with bottom load plate carrier designs and is equipped with a Velcro attachment system. The forward face of the T BAG includes a 4×6 Velcro ID field and at the bottom of the T BAG a 4″ elastic tourniquet holder can be located.

The Beez Combat Systems APTUM™ T BAG can also be utilized with any Beez Combat Systems Chest Rig GRID. This includes Beez Combat Systems Chest Rig GRIDs in sizes from three magazine loadouts to seven magazine loadouts. The APTUM™ T BAG size is 9.69″ x 7.13″ and fits with the AK Chest Rig GRIDAR Chest Rig GRID, the PCC Chest Rig GRID and the recently released Beez Combat Systems SIDEWING Chest Rig.

The Beez Combat Systems APTUM™ T BAG fits comfortably on any standard size plate carrier equipped with 10×12 soft or hard body armor. The APTUM™ T BAG also fits comfortably when attached to the larger plate carriers equipped to carry 11×14 soft or hard body armor. Whether the wearer is standing, crouching or prone the T BAG conforms with the wearers body while still allowing easy access to the contents inside.

The T BAG is available in a wide variety of color options not limited to generational trends such as M81 Woodland or the commonly worn Multicam. As well as trends such as Multicam Black and even red for emergency responders.

The Beez Combat Systems APTUM™ T BAG is available in every color for just about any mission in any terrain around the globe. The T BAG is made in the United States and starts at $29.95