OTV carriers

OTV carriers

How do you take issue IBA Interceptor soft and hard body armor and make an OTV carrier that is more comfortable, functional and practical?

We took the Interceptor IBA three piece front opening OTV armor system and converted it into a two pieces over the head or side opening replacement body armor carrier system.

The BCS OTV carrier is available in four different versions to allow the operator to maximize the IBA issue body armor.  The BCS OTV cumber, BCS OTV Molle and two BCS OTV LBAV concealable – one with loop/buckle and the second with 4” elastic waist (pictures available soon).

BCS has designed a tactical OTV carrier replacement that converts the three piece front opening otv issue armor system into a two pieces body armor system. The new carrier design allows the individual to convert the issue soft and hard body armor into a more effective and efficient body armor carrier system. The carrier was designed to provide maximum amount of ballistic protection and increase range of motion for the upper body. The front carrier has an internal support pocket to keep both soft inserts correctly over lapped to prevent movement.

The BCS OTV  also has attachment webbing for issue attachments; yoke assembly, groin protector,throat protector and DAPS.




The carrier allows proper adjustment of front and back hard plates. The carrier is made out of cordura, which is very abrasion resistant.

The cumber has looped pull handles to help attach the cumber to the front flap. All BCS cumber have molle on the inside of the cumber as well. This allows for the attachment and adjustment of SAPI side plate pockets or additional magazine pouches.

Front and back plate pockets 10×12 or 11×14 support SAPI, ESAPI and XSAPI plates. The BCS OTV carrier is available in IBA Interceptor issue sizes. Small, Medium, Large and XL.

The OTV carrier is available in Multicam, A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, Coyote, Ranger Green, Khaki, Woodland, OD and Black.