SPT (Special Pistol Threat) Low Profile Plate Carrier

SPT (Special Pistol Threat) Low Profile Plate Carrier

The SPT (Special Pistol Threat) Low Profile Plate Carrier was built for the new Special Pistol Threat plates. These plates are available from companies like: Victory Tactical Gear, Spartan Armor Systems, Chase Tactical


The shoulder straps are designed to be low profile to reduce signature.  The front flap extends over the back strap with velcro adjustment on the rear.


The front and rear cumberbund flap is optional during checkout for the user. Some user need more security to fix the elastic cumberbund into place.


The 4″ mil-spec elastic webbing is adjustable front and back.


Made out of 500D cordura the SPT PC can be worn covert or overt. Perfect for home defence, low vis work, undercover work, and rapid deployment.


The SPT PC will also support most 10×12 AR500 steel plates. Infidel Body Armor and Spartan Armor Systems AR500 plates fit like a glove. This is the lowest profile PC for steel on the market.



The SPT (Special Pistol Threat) Plate Carrier is currently available in 500D: Multicam, Coyote, Khaki, Ranger Green, Olive Drab and Black.