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The CD (Can't Decide) pack was made for those that need a little more modularity and for those that like to alternate between placards/chest rig connection systems. The CD pack includes 2 field repair/replaceable G hooks and 2 field repair/replaceable 1” compatible ITW buckles. These split body G hooks and buckles make swapping between connection systems a breeze when confronted with a non adjustable webbing situation.

General Features

  • Made for placards and chest rig with fixed loop buckle attachment systems (Spiritus, Haley, RDR)
  • 2- 1" ITW field repair/replaceable male buckles
  • 2 - 1" (25mm) field repair/replaceable G hook 
  • Available in Tan or Black
  • Sold as a pack - will not sell individually 

Materials / Construction

  • Berry Compliant, Made in the USA.


Use discount code "BABYSHARK" to reduce the shipping cost if purchased as a single order. Please do not use this discount code when purchasing additional products. This will cause your order not to be processed.


Please do not sent request to purchase the field repair/replaceable G hooks or ITW field repair/replaceable buckles separatly. This is sold as a pack to allow those that can't decide the ability to switch between two different connection types. 

 ***all  trademarks, brands, etc are the sole property of the respective companies.   SPIRITUS, HALEY, RDR do not endorse this product***


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