Predator Ghillie™ GAT WRAP
Predator Ghillie™ GAT WRAP
Predator Ghillie™ GAT WRAP
Predator Ghillie™ GAT WRAP
Predator Ghillie™ GAT WRAP
Predator Ghillie™ GAT WRAP
Predator Ghillie™ GAT WRAP

Predator Ghillie™ GAT WRAP

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The PREDATOR GHILLIE™ product line is an advanced signature management solution designed to be a cohesive ecosystem that can easily be scaled up and down with the needs of the end user to the existing war fighters equipment. 

The Beez Combat Systems Predator Ghillie Gat Wrap, the next step in the Predator Ghillie Evolution. Optimized for concealing the outline and color of any rifle make or model. REDUCE the physical signature (visual) of the rifle.

Beez Combat Systems realized the need for an end user driven solution to concealing both the color and outline of the modern rifle, regardless of size, make and attachments. Observing the profile and outline of the rifle and shapes similar to that in nature we came up with the ultimate solution for quickly concealing any rifle. By blending natural shapes and design we created a system unlike any other before. 

The Predator Ghillie Gat Wrap allows the end user to quickly conceal their rifle and completely customize the concealment factors to their individual needs. The Gat Wrap is small enough to fit in a pouch and big enough to cover 20+ inch barrels with LVPO optics, an offset red dot, white lights and IR illuminators. Utilizing the same tensioning system found on the Predator Ghillie Helmet Cover, the self tensioning slits keep the Gat Wrap in place. This design allows the end user to not have to worry about obstruction of any sort. Tough enough to be used on the AK platform, yet versatile enough to be used on any rifle. 

To assemble this product, start by tying an overhand knot on one end of the included bungee, then feeding it through the vertical dual cut slits. Once the bungee is fed through the first row of dual slits, simply snake the bungee through the next set of slits to create an "S" shaped pattern. Start securing the Gat Wrap with the knotted end to any mount, sling swivel, or rail then wrap around the rifle. Once the rifle is completely wrapped, pull the bungee tight and secure it to any rearward mount, swivel, or optic. Starting at the tip of your rifle, move the Gat Wrap out of any sight picture, or way of any attachments.
MultiCam™/A-TACS™ fabrics are treated for near IR (infrared) signature issues. Nearly all MultiCam™/A-TACS™ printed fabrics are tuned for both visible and near IR spectrums. We can not confirm all color options we offer will reduce IR signature. 

Available in multiple patterns to suit any environment, for any platform, at any time. 

General Features

  • Advanced ghillie cut patterns optimal outline breakup for any environment
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile shock cord attachment system enabling attachment to any rifle
  • Dual locking slits to maintain positioning along rifle
  • Completely end user configurable and modular
  • One piece construction

Materials / Construction

  • Advanced laser cut materials
  • No stitching to fray or fall apart
  • 1x 70" piece of shock cord to secure the wrap to any platform
  • Made in the USA

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